Spectrum therapists have been providing mental health services since 1994.  Our group of fully licensed psychologists and clinical social workers provides a comprehensive range of services for adults, children, adolescents, couples, and families.  This practice model allows us to offer therapy and assessment services across the lifespan, from the youngest children to the senior population. Our clinicians practice with the highest sensitivity to patient confidentiality and professional ethics.    

All of our therapists can be reached by a single phone call to our central office.  With information obtained during your initial call, we can assist you in finding a therapist that can best meet your individual treatment needs.   People seek our services for many reasons, from adjusting to life transitions such as bereavement, job loss, medical illness, or parenthood, to more ongoing difficulties such as chronic depression or anxiety.  All of our therapists work with individuals who are experiencing anxiety, mood disorders, problems with life transitions, addictions, or relationship challenges.  We also offer specialized therapy and counseling for those with problems with trauma, brain injury, learning problems, and many other clinical difficulties. For a more comprehensive list of the types of problems we are able to address, click here.