Spectrum providers engage in continuing professional education opportunities on a regular basis, developing new expertise and keeping current with the latest treatment research and methods.

Provider Specialties

The clinicians of Spectrum Psychotherapy Centers offer a wide range of mental health services for individuals, couples, and families.  We know that no single style or modality of treatment is right for everyone.  At Spectrum, we work with you to fully understand the issues that you are facing, and to develop a treatment strategy that addresses the problems in the most effective way possible to provide positive outcomes that are clear, lasting, and measurable. Clients and therapists work together to determine the most appropriate therapeutic approach.  We believe that a respectful, confidential, and trusting therapy relationship is the foundation for all true change.

Each provider is skilled in various kinds of treatment, and each works with a range of different populations. You can see a list of some of the specialties included among our providers, a list of some of the more common treatment modalities, as well as a list of most of the insurance companies, HMOs and other third party payers for whom we are registered providers.  Read on for a more complete description of our therapy and assessment services.

  Psychotherapy Services for Adults, Adolescents, and Children

We offer individual, couples, and family therapy to help you find constructive solutions and build skills to:

  • Reduce anxiety, panic, and depression
  • Manage  personal or job stress
  • Cope with loss or trauma
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Learn new communication skills
  • Be a more effective parent, partner, or worker
  • Control self-defeating and compulsive behaviors
  • Manage addictions throughout the recovery process
  • Better manage pain and other medical challenges in cooperation with other medical professionals
  • Gain confidence and improve self-esteem

Our child and adolescent therapists can assist families with a wide variety of behavior and social adjustment problems, including anxiety and depression, sleep and eating difficulties, school and learning problems, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders.  Parents and other primary caregivers are considered an integral part of all stages of the evaluation and treatment process.  

Spectrum clinicians are able to quickly provide referrals to other therapists within our practice if you or a family member is dealing with a problem requiring the services of someone with expertise in that area. 

  Assessment Services

Spectrum clinicians offer a comprehensive range of assessments for adults and children.  Individuals are referred for assessment when a therapist, physician, parent, or educator suspects a problem that is not easily assessed in the course of regular observation or treatment.  Many assessment services are covered by insurance if there is documented medical necessity.  Spectrum’s diagnostic services include:

  • Psychological Assessment
  • Forensic Assessment

Psychological Assessment Only licensed psychologists are qualified to perform psychological testing.  Individuals may be referred for testing by their physicians or mental health professionals for psychological testing when there is a question about diagnosis and treatment planning.  Psychological testing can offer a deeper understanding of complex emotional problems and can often identify problems not obvious during regular office visits.  Evaluations usually require several hours to complete, and will involve formal, objective tests, as well as discussion with the psychologist.  Intellectual evaluation is often part of a comprehensive psychological assessment. The results of the testing and recommendations for treatment are sent to the referring professional, and the psychologist will provide feedback to the client about his/her findings.  The results of psychological assessment can be used to suggest appropriate interventions and make treatment more effective and efficient.

Forensic Assessment

Attorneys or courts may ask for the assistance of a forensic psychologist to evaluate an individual’s competency to stand trial or mental status at the time of a crime.  Forensic assessment may also be requested to determine the extent of injury in a civil case.

Forensic assessment usually consists of formal, standardized tests as well as extensive interviews with the psychologist doing the evaluation.  The psychologists may then make recommendations regarding treatment, sentencing, mitigating factors, assessment of future risk, and other matters requested by the attorneys or the court.  Spectrum’s forensic psychologists may make referrals for therapy  to clinicians within Spectrum who have special expertise in dealing with individuals referred by the courts.

The cost of forensic assessments is typically not covered by insurance.

If you would like to learn more about our Psychological or Forensic Assessments, please contact Dr. Thomas Patenaude directly at 860-722-3019, or by email at [email protected]

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